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We personally experienced inconveniences in travelling to Guimaras. Information is so scarce online. When you do a research via Google, most of the results you see are from Agoda, from personal blogs, and some outdated Facebook pages. There is no definitive guide on where to go, how to book and what to do in the island.

So the idea is, if we are helping businesses abroad with their businesses why not do something for locals.

Discover Guimaras will serve as the ultimate and most comprehensive online portal to promote and market the beautiful island of Guimaras. It will cover the many destinations, the culture,  the products and the many exciting and interesting things about the island. This project is powered by Mavericks Web Marketing and Solutions Co. and endorsed by the Province of Guimaras; mainly built to promote local businesses in the island.

We hope that by this project, we will be a gateway for future tourists to learn more about the island–from its pristine beaches, scenic landscapes, mango plantation, its vibrant culture  and its wonderful people–and eventually have a vacation in the island.

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