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Guimaras Wonders Farm

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The Guimaras Island is known for yielding some of the sweetest mangoes found in our country. It is also popular for its agricultural crops since this is where almost 50,000 of these trees are planted.

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Guimaras Wonders Farm is an integrated Agri-eco tourism destination located at Brgy. Alaguisoc, Jordan, Guimaras. The whole property, which is owned by Mrs. Rosario Griesser, covers 4 hectares for high value crops and fruit trees devoted on organic farming through natural farm practices and 1 hectare forest land for ecological balance.  It is engaged in integrated and sustainable farming-naturally growing pineapple, cucumber, bitter gourd, soya and raising pre-biotic swine, chicken, cattle and tilapia which supplied to the Organic Resto in Barangay San Miguel, and Iloilo.  The farm is not only growing crops but also engaged in processing mango jam, orange jam, pineapple jam, mango orange.  Experience a relaxing breeze under the cashew or mango tree. (source:, with some added details))

“Dried mangoes” is Guimaras topmost import delicacy, and so as for Guimaras Wonders Farm who grow organic mangoes, this is where drying of mangoes is done, it’ll take them at most one week for that.

Since Guimaras is known for its different mango delicacies aside from  dried mangoes, Guimaras Wonders Farm also produce their own mango products, including mango jam, mango pickles, and other mango goodies.


Guimaras Wonders Farm also practice vermicomposting, which is the product of composting using the manure of the animals found in the farm added with different kinds of worms, one of which is the african night crawler. This vermicompost was made last March 6, 2015.

There are various kinds of animals that can be found in the farm.

Czechoslovakian chickens from Europe, but those are breed here in the Philippines, particularly in Rizal Province. They just send it here in Iloilo Airport and transport here in Guimaras. These chicken are already two years old, and they produce brown eggs.

Goats, Cows and Carabaos, these animals also eat leaves of mangoes for their additional food because there is a lesser number of grass found in the farm.

Native Pigs or Swine are more resistant to parasites and common diseases as compared to the standard or imported breeds. They eat reject mangoes or cucumber produced in the farm, and when they give birth, they deliver just about 5-8 pigs only.

Apart from growing hundreds of mango trees, Ms. Rose maintained nine trellis of cucumber. Within the trellis are flowers that blooms in the morning and closes in the afternoon, this is for the nitrogen fixing of the soil.

There are 600 mango trees planted within the vicinity of the farm, and in 5 years time Ms. Rose expects these trees to bear fruit. They also own 1 hectare of forest with wild animals dwelling in it, they preserve it for ecological balance. Although the tourist are off limits in the forest, they can still feel free to view it from afar.

As for the conclusion, Mrs. Rose Griesser, the owner, calls for the support of both locals and foreigners to all organic farmers, since organic farming is not yet fully supported by the government, and organic products isn’t well recognized by the consumers. She said that we should be open to consuming organic vegetables and fruits as their are lots of health benefits it gives us rather than commercialized foods.

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