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Balcon Melliza, Jordan Guimaras, Philippines


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Bala-an Bukid is a landmark in Guimaras known for being a pilgrimage site of Catholic devotees, especially during the Holy Week. This popular site is situated atop Bundulan Point, a short peninsula jutting into the Iloilo Harbor, one of the safest harbors in the world!

Bala-an Bukid, whose Hiligaynon name when translated into English means “Holy Mountain”, is marked by a chapel and a white cross at its peak. The large cross, which is visible throughout the neighboring towns of Jordan and the City and Province of Iloilo, is the culminating point in a Holy Week ritual which includes the world-famous “Ang Pagtaltal sa Bala-an Bukid”.

Trekkers are rewarded with a scenic view of Iloilo City and Jordan, Guimaras once they reach the top. Also on the summit of Balaan Bukid, is the Chapel of Ave Maria Purisima and a gigantic cross, which can be seen as far away as from Iloilo City’s coast. The peak of Balaan Bukid is a great place to relax and reflect because of the cool and tranquil atmosphere.


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