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San Miguel, Jordan Guimaras, Philippines


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Our Lady of the Philippines Monastery is a Trappist monastery on Guimaras and is the only Trappist monastery in the Philippines. It was founded in 1972, with 35 monks living in the monastery. They produce a number of products which is sold under the brand, “Trappist Monastic Products”. Their popular goods include pineapple and mango jams, which can be found in local stores and at their local shop. The monastery is also available for retreats and is a popular stop for tourists visiting Guimaras.

This place is ideal for those who seek solace, self-examination through meditation and retreat from the toxic endeavors of the materialistic world. The monastery built a church in 1997 and a modern guest house with private facilities. They welcome those who wish to spend some days, or even weeks, with them in prayer and meditation, where they often invite visitors to join them in prayer or in mass along with the entire monastic community.


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