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Sebario/M.Chavez/Suclaran, San Lorenzo Guimaras, Philippines


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These are typical salt farms which are located in three different destinations within San Lorenzo. During certain wet seasons, these salt drying beds are converted to fish ponds.

Dasal Sibunag Vegetable Growers Association, Inc. (DASIVGAI)

Dasal Sibunag Guimaras, Philippines

This farm is built in support of the island’s vision as an agri-tourism destination in Western Visayas. Tourists with bamboo baskets in hand can experience harvesting and eating their hand-picked vegetables while, at the same time, acquiring knowledge on land preparation, care, maintenance, and different harvesting techniques. The bamboo baskets and other harvesting materials are produced by women in the area. “Farm life, farm fun”, is the very words the farm lives by, and the exact experience they want to introduce to their visitors.


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